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Business Assessment

Our professional consultants provide in-depth look at your business. Identifying gaps, opportunities and recommendations.

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Uncover your market potential. We help define your customers, how to attract and increase market share & customer loyalty.

E-Commerce & Mobile Development

Improve your online presence and increase your profits. Implementing technology platforms, mobile solutions and Omni-channel marketing tactics to keep your customers connected.

Business Automation

Improve your business processes and workflow, helping increase your team's engagement, productivity and reduce frustration.

Our Solutions

  • eCommerce

  • End to End Solution
  • Startup to Enterprise Solutions
  • SAP/ERP Integration
  • Logistics/Warehousing and Supply Chain
  • Digital Advertising & Marketing
  • Online Sales Strategy
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  • CRM/Loyalty

  • Strategy and Execution
  • Program Development
  • Customer Acquisition/Retention
  • Targeting/Personalization
  • Technology Solutions and Integration
  • Consulting & Training
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  • Custom Solutions

  • Digital Design
  • Customer Experience
  • Solution Architecture
  • iPhone/Android/Web-based
  • Embedded/Wearable Design & Manufacturing
  • Java/.Net/PHP/C and more...
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Helping companies grow to the next level since 2000

Marketing/eCommerce digital transformation – Integrating traditional and digital advertising and developing a process to help improve production efficiency – reducing cost, increase value of every advertising your team produces.

Our proven approach has worked for many of our clients and it’s simple - we don’t put your teams in a class room to learn new tricks – instead, we roll up our sleeves and dive into your team’s work environment, working side-by-side, to help understand the key challenges presented by the project we are undertaking together.

Aksure is a software production company specializing in creating end-to-end electronic business solutions. Based in Toronto, Canada. Aksure is rapidly gaining exposure as a company whose e-business models and integration capability are as important as the products they are developing.

Mustafa Attar founded Aksure in September of 2000 following the acquisition of Global Software Development, an e-commerce development and consulting company.

Why us

Our proven approach has worked for many of our clients and it’s simple...

Why Aksure?

Our consultants are trained to deal with challenging situations – managing people’s expectations, and together helping transform your team.

  • Developing a strong, consistent, brand experience across all your creative touch points with strict brand creative governance that is easy to consume and drives conversion
  • Improving inefficiencies in supporting core business operations - Merchandising, Supply Chain, Sales, Operations, E-commerce.
  • Strategically develop data-driven marketing plans
  • Implementing tools that efficiently connect the workflow and high level processes together, and minimize meetings, documents and tools where possible.
  • Helping your teams to develop budgets and capacity into that process.

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Aksure Networks Corp.
1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1W7

TOLL FREE: 1-877-730-8208
Toronto #: 647-478-3049